Top 15 Flamenco Shows in Madrid to Experience

Discover a world of emotion and passion with flamenco shows in Madrid. Our guide showcases the top 15 performances, offering a unique insight into Spain’s treasured art form.

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The Essence of Flamenco

Flamenco Shows in Madrid

If you’re reading this, you will have heard of flamenco before – but how much do you know about its origins and history? It’s actually way more than just a type of music; flamenco is a style of dance and art, too. The Romani peoples of Andalucia first developed that. 

Nowadays, flamenco is one of the most famous styles of music and dance in Europe, but it hasn’t always been received as positively as it is now. This incredible genre was once the source of real controversy domestically – it caused major tensions between different factions of Spanish politics. It wasn’t until more recently that flamenco gained the widespread acceptance and admiration it enjoys today. 

Top 3 Picks: Best Flamenco shows in Madrid

Beautiful woman dancing flamenco

Madrid: Live Flamenco Show


✔️ Watch live flamenco show
✔️ Passionate dancers & musicians
✔️ Choose dining options

Dancer in dress gesturing while dancing flamenco

Flamenco: Corral Morería


✔️ Watch Madrid flamenco show
✔️ See top flamenco dancers
✔️ Optional dinner

Guitarist playing an acoustic guitar

Flamenco Show: “Emociones”


✔️ See flamenco up close
✔️ Visit #1 Flamenco theater
✔️ Experience Unesco heritage

1. The Flamenco Harmony at Torres Bermeja

Beautiful woman dancing flamenco

⭐️ Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ Show Duration: 1 hour | 📅 Check Rates and Availability

No list of flamenco venues in Madrid would be complete without Torres Bermejas, which is one of the city’s oldest and most famous tablaos. Designed to replicate the architecture of the halls of the Alhambra, the club’s interior oozes a uniquely exotic atmosphere, whisking you off the streets of Madrid into a place forgotten by time.

Beautiful and passionate performances, kept us captivated the whole time that I did not even realise that 1 hour had passed by so quickly. Would definitely love to visit again!


Some of the biggest names in flamenco have performed here, including the legendary Camarón de la Isla, who would go on to become a resident artist at the tablao for 12 years. Known for its blend of more traditional and modern flamenco music, Torres Bermejas is conveniently located on Madrid’s central Gran Via street – and, with its kitchen turning out some delicious meals, combining the venue’s famous special menu with a flamenco show makes for an evening that’s truly out of this world. 

2. Experiencing Flamenco at Corral de la Moreria

Dancer in dress gesturing while dancing flamenco

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ Show Duration: 3 hours | 📅 Check Rates and Availability

Founded all the way back in 1956, Corral de la Moreria is one of the oldest flamenco venues in all of Spain. The venue has established itself as a real heavyweight in the country’s folk music scene, and for good reason; many of the country’s greatest-ever flamenco talents have performed at Corral de la Moreria at one stage or another. Combine this with the tablao’s close proximity to Madrid’s Royal Palace, and it’s no wonder this club is considered an irreplaceable cultural institution throughout Spain. 

Food was delicious! Truly the best meal we had in Madrid. The show was fantastic. The dancers, singers and guitarist were phenomenal.


With fiery, passionate performances and austere, Moorish aesthetics, Corral de la Moreria creates a feast for the eyes and ears. And, if you’re after a literal feast too, you might want to consider combining dinner at the venue with a flamenco show. 

3. The Theatrical Journey at Teatro Flamenco Madrid

Guitarist playing an acoustic guitar

⭐️ Rating: 4.8 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ Show Duration: 1 hour | 📅 Check Rates and Availability

If you’re eager to catch a flamenco show but want to see something with a unique twist, why not head to Teatro Flamenco Madrid? Performances blend traditional flamenco with some innovative theatrical elements to incredible effect; the building’s intimate seating and moody lighting only further enhance this. 

This was an amazing show. All the members of the performance were so passionate and you could tell they thoroughly enjoyed their work. Overall I would highly recommend and see it again!


Teatro Flamenco Madrid is the oldest flamenco theatre in the world, so it goes without saying that this is a venue with plenty of history behind it. For a really authentic look at this deeply special art and dance style, you can’t go wrong with booking a ticket at Madrid Theater.

4. Café Ziryab: A Flamenco Hub

Flamenco. Performance on stage.

⭐️ Rating: 4.6 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ Show Duration: 70 – 80 min. | 📅 Check Rates and Availability

Café Ziryab must be one of the most respected flamenco venues in all of Spain. Here, you’ll be able to take in performances by established artists and some of the city’s hottest young guns, all under one roof. 

The show was absolutely spectacular. The female dancer and the musicians were so amazing, we thoroughly entire every minute. I’ve attended other flamenco shows since, but this one is by far my favourite hands down.


With a homely, relaxed atmosphere and a welcoming location in Madrid’s vibrant and multicultural Arganzuela district, no self-respecting flamenco fan should go without paying a visit to Café Ziryab during a visit to the city. It’s simply unforgettable. 

5. The Authentic Essence of Essential Flamenco

Clothing for Flamenco dance.

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ Show Duration: 1 hour | 📅 Check Rates and Availability

Visitors to Madrid who are keen to sample some really authentic, traditional flamenco should visit Essential Flamenco. Based right in the heart of central Madrid, Essential Flamenco has an edgy, moody aesthetic that perfectly complements the drama and passion of the performances; it also helps that the venue employs some of the best flamenco dancers and musicians in the whole country. 

Great show. The sound set up is perfectly done for a great sound. The dancers were amazing; first time seeing a flamenco show and it was worth it. Great show and the complimentary sangria was amazing as well.


You can see a variety of performances at Essential Flamenco, but I recommend the Essential Flamenco show for anyone less familiar with the genre – you’re in for a treat!

6. A Night at Tablao las Carboneras

Flamenco. Performance on stage.

⭐️ Rating: 4.6 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ Show Duration: 1 hour | 📅 Check Rates and Availability

Tablao las Carboneras is known for putting on intense flamenco nights in the spartan style you’d find at old-school venues. But don’t be fooled – this club is just as open to more forward-thinking, innovative acts as it is to more authentic and traditional flamenco. 

This was a brilliant show. Smallish audience, great seating layout and the dancers and musicians were amazing. Definitely worthwhile, would recommend. Complimentary olives, cheese, crackers and drinks.

-GetYourGuide traveler (SEE MORE REVIEWS)

This venue’s sleek, minimalist interior is the perfect backdrop for its performers’ passionate, fiery dancing and singing. I also love how Tablao Las Carboneras gives visitors the option of pre-booking tickets to one of the venue’s flamenco shows, as this isn’t something that all of the city’s tablaos offer.

7. Flamenco Culture at Centro Cultural Flamenco

Castanets on a handmade embroidered shawl, a flamenco stil life

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ Show Duration: 1 hour | 📅 Check Rates and Availability

I personally love no-frills flamenco; performances that showcase the raw talent and skills of performers are among some of my favorites. Centro Cultural Flamenco has a knack for working with some of the absolute best flamenco artists in the more traditional styles. What’s more, it’s in the heart of Madrid, making it easy and convenient to find after a day spent exploring the city. 

This was an unbelievable experience and intimate experience. The show was absolutely amazing. Definitely something worth doing!!


Rosana de Aza is the venue’s director; she’s got more than 30 years of experience working in the flamenco industry, and Centro Cultural Flamenco also has an exhibition of castanets, shawls, and fans, some of which are over 100 years old. The club also sells pre-booked tickets allowing you to skip the queue – what’s not to love?

8. The Allure of La Cueva De Lola

flamenco dress

⭐️ Rating: 4.8 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ Show Duration: 1 hour | 📅 Check Rates and Availability

What could be better than a top-notch flamenco show with a drink in Madrid’s exciting, historic La Latina district? La Cueva de Lola offers just that; the performers you’ll see here are highly skilled and fiercely passionate, making paying a visit to the venue deeply memorable. 

We had a fantastic experience. The performers were very talented, their passion for the art showed and was very moving. We highly recommend anyone looking for a great experience to book a show here!


With origins going back to the 17th century, this tablao has a unique atmosphere – it’s worth checking out for the ambiance alone.

9. Unforgettable Flamenco at Tablao Flamenco Las Tablas

guitar fingerboard or fretboard closeup

⭐️ Rating: 4.7 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ Show Duration: 1 hour | 📅 Check Rates and Availability

A traditional flamenco tablao is a special place, indeed – and that’s exactly what Tablao Flamenco Las Tablas is. With an intimate, tasteful atmosphere, the venue is easy to locate, too, being found just a short distance from the iconic Plaza de España.

It was a treat! I can’t imagine better dancers than what we had, and the singer as well. The guitarist was also incredible and the emotion, drama and intensity were perfect. A wonderful, intimate experience!!


The sheer prowess of the performers at this particular tablao has always impressed me; what’s more, the venue also allows visitors to pre-book tickets, making attending flamenco performances a straightforward affair.

10. The Flamenco Vibe at Tablao de la Villa

Flamenco dancing  woman in a red dress

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ Show Duration: 1 – 2 hours | 📅 Check Rates and Availability

If variety is your cup of tea, you’ll want to check out Tablao de la Villa while in Madrid. In fact, with its revolving door of very talented flamenco performers of different styles and multiple shows every day, you may want to stop by more than once (and do keep this in mind if you’re wondering how many days to spend in Madrid)! Located in Madrid’s chic La Latina district, this tablao’s Moorish-style decor creates a memorable atmosphere that will leave you wanting more.

AMAZING SHOW!!!! And we did choose to pay for the optional dinner as well which was also amazing. Definitely my favorite activity in Madrid the two and half days we were there.


11. An Evening at Taberna Flamenca El Cortijo

typical spanish flamenco accessories

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ Show Duration: 2 hours | 📅 Check Rates and Availability

With its architecture taking heavy inspiration from Andalucia and, thanks to its location on the outskirts of Madrid, a quieter, more authentic feel than many of the city’s other tablaos, Taberna Flamenca El Cortijo is an excellent choice if you’re in the mood for a truly holistic flamenco experience. 

Amazing show! This is a must-do when visiting Spain. The performance was beautiful, and we got a pitcher of sangria for the two of us included. Excellent value for what we paid.


Performances at the venue are varied, combining dance, song, and music with aplomb, and tickets include dinner and the opportunity to attend a flamenco workshop, too.

12. Experience Flamenco at Sala Temple

Flamenco. Performance on stage.

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ Show Duration: 1 hour | 📅 Check Rates and Availability

Madrid’s Malasaña neighborhood is where the city’s flamenco enthusiasts prefer to meet, and it’s also where you’ll find Sala Temple, which should be at the top of your list if you enjoy the fusion between more traditional and modern styles of music. 

That was really a great performance and a terrific experience. Everything very intimate and individual, no mass gathering and above all artistically very successful. I would definitely go again and will definitely come back!


This attitude is further reflected in Sala Temple’s decor; almost spartan and minimalistic, it ensures that the performers here are truly at the front and center of your attention. I especially love how this tablao allows guests to enjoy traditional flamenco with tapas, and I would encourage you to do just this if you stop by.

13. Passion at Sentimiento Flamenco

Flamenco. Performance on stage.

⭐️ Rating: 4.7 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ Show Duration: 1 hour | 📅 Check Rates and Availability

Madrid’s Salamanca district is easily one of its most beguiling and interesting – not only is it centrally located, but it oozes character and class. This is where you’ll find Sentimiento Flamenco, which is probably one of the city’s most innovative tablaos; the performers here put their heart and soul into each and every show, which, when combined with the venue’s homely atmosphere, makes for an absolutely unforgettable experience. 

If you are going to a Flamenco show in Madrid, make it this one. The venue was intimate and there was no bad seat in the room, you get to enjoy the music and the dance. I can’t recommend it enough.

-Charlane mae (SEE MORE REVIEWS)

Tickets to flamenco performances at Sentimientio Flamenco generally include a complimentary drink, the opportunity to attend an artist talk, and the show itself. I really can’t think of a better way to cap off a one-day in Madrid itinerary than this!

14. Flamenco Spectacle at Tablao Flamenco La Quimera

Man playing on classic guitar against dark background

⭐️ Rating: 4.6 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ Show Duration: 1.5 hours | 📅 Check Rates and Availability

Old-school flamenco is what Tablao Flamenco La Quimera does best – performing without microphones or amplification, the singers, dancers, and musicians at the venue have worked to develop a remarkable chemistry that needs to be seen to be believed. 

I had one of the most beautiful and amazing experiences of my life. It is a MUST if you are in Madrid!

-priscilla (SEE MORE REVIEWS)

Found in the proud neighborhood of Chamberí, this tablao offers a variety of options for tickets to their shows; my favorite is that it includes drinks and dinner at the price of admission, which is an absolute steal! 

15. Authentic Flamenco at Tablao Flamenco Los Porches

Flamenco. Performance on stage.

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ Show Duration: 2.5 hours | 📅 Check Rates and Availability

Summer is, in my opinion, the best time to stay in Madrid, especially if you want to make the most of the city’s tapas and wine scene. 

On that note, if you’re a real fan of wine and tapas, you can’t go wrong with checking out a flamenco show at Tablao Flamenco Los Porches. In addition to showcasing flamenco performances in a wide variety of styles, this venue specializes in tapas and wine; they offer special tickets that include both of these and a flamenco show, which makes for a pretty fantastic way to spend an evening.

A unique experience! The artists are excellent. The service is the first.

-GetYourGuide traveler (SEE MORE REVIEWS)

Located in the historic district of Alcalá, the venue is in a prime location for tourists and locals alike. Whether you want to sample traditional flamenco or a more experimental take on the genre, this is the place to go!

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