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Welcome to TravelSpain24, your not-so-typical travel guide to Spain. It’s a story about us, Timon and Filipa, two souls who swapped our 9-5 for adventures, flavors, and panoramic views under the Spanish sun.

From Full-Time Jobs to Full-Time Explorers

Timon is from the Netherlands and has a strong passion for culture and languages, especially those of Spain.

“I lived for almost 5 years in Barcelona and Madrid and wanted to share those experiences through this website. Taking up drone flying to capture Spain’s landscapes has become a new hobby, allowing me to bring more stories to our readers.”

Filipa, from Portugal, deeply loves nature and food. She looks forward to exploring Spanish cuisine and national parks.

“At first, I was a dentist. But I soon realized that a traditional career was not for me. In Spain, I found a way to express my creativity through photography and video editing. Planning our travels has become a key part of our adventure and something I really enjoy.”

The Start of TravelSpain24

In early 2023, I (Timon) decided I wanted to follow my heart and shift my career towards something I truly love: travel and Spain. That decision led to the creation of TravelSpain24. The “24” symbolizes our full-time dedication to everything about Spain, available to you all day, every day.

Later in 2023, we were excited to take things to the next level. We decided to sell our house and buy a motorhome, which we named Speedy. Our cats, Morty and Pinky, moved temporarily to our family in Portugal. This step was difficult, but we make sure to visit them regularly. Fortunately, they are very happy in their new home! After settling these arrangements, we began our travels across Spain with Speedy in March 2024.

Our Mission and Your Invitation

TravelSpain24 isn’t just a travel blog. It’s a platform for stories, advice, and the beauty of Spain through our eyes. We share not just the popular spots but also the hidden gems we discover on our travels.

Join us on this adventure. We hope to make TravelSpain24 a place where you can find inspiration, information, and a community of fellow Spain enthusiasts. Let’s explore the beauty, culture, and spirit of Spain together.

Why Trust Us With Your Spanish Adventure?

You might wonder what qualifies us to guide you through Spain. It’s not just our past experiences or the fact that Timon lived in various Spanish cities. It’s our ongoing journey and commitment to immerse ourselves fully in everything Spain has to offer. We live here, travel here, and discover new stories every day that we’re eager to share with you.

What’s Next for TravelSpain24?

Our adventure doesn’t stop here. As we continue to travel across Spain in our motorhome, Speedy, we’re constantly updating TravelSpain24 with fresh content, practical tips, and personal stories from the road. Our goal is to help you experience Spain beyond the typical tourist trails.

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We don’t just want to talk to you; we want to hear from you. Your experiences, questions, and tips are what make the TravelSpain24 community vibrant and helpful. Reach out to us through Instagram, email, or our contact form. Let’s make this journey together.

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