Best Time to Visit Granada

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The best time to visit Granada depends on what you want to see and do during your city stay. Granada is located in the Andalucia region of Spain, around an hour inland from the beaches of the Costa Tropical. The city is nestled below the Sierra Nevada mountains and packed with Moorish treasures – including the famous Alhambra Palace and Generalife Gardens. With many historic attractions, a charming Arabic Quarter, and pretty plazas to explore, you’ll always find something new to discover here. Granada is also known as one of the most affordable places to live in Spain.

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Average weather of Granada, Spain

Average High and Low Temperature in Granada

Unlike many coastal regions of Spain, where the weather is consistently warm most of the year, Granada benefits from changing seasons. The table below will give you an idea of what type of weather to expect at different times of the year, and I provide a month-by-month breakdown further on in the article to help you plan your visit to Spain.

Temperature and rainfall in Granada

MonthTemperature in Degrees (Low/High)Temperature in Fahrenheit (Low/High)PrecipitationWeather Condition
January0°C / 12°C32°F / 54°F1.3″Tolerable weather
February1°C / 14°C35°F / 58°F1.2″Tolerable weather
March4°C / 17°C39°F / 63°F1.0″Tolerable weather
April6°C / 20°C43°F / 68°F1.0″Tolerable weather
May9°C / 24°C49°F / 76°F0.7″Good weather
June13°C / 30°C56°F / 86°F0.3″Good weather
July16°C / 33°C61°F / 92°F0.1″Good weather
August16°C / 33°C60°F / 91°F0.1″Good weather
September13°C / 28°C55°F / 83°F0.5″Good weather
October9°C / 22°C48°F / 72°F1.5″Good weather
November4°C / 16°C40°F / 61°F1.8″Tolerable weather
December1°C / 13°C34°F / 55°F1.7″Tolerable weather

Whether you’re visiting to sightsee or use the city as a base for skiing or exploring Las Alpujarras, the information in the table above should help you decide the best time to visit Granada. For those interested in experiencing snowfall, you can check out our article on snowy places in Spain.

Granada Outside Temperature

Famous Alhambra palace, Granada, Spain.

Granada weather temperatures vary throughout the year. The coldest month is January with temperatures dipping as low as 0°C (32°F), with highs of 12°C (54°F). July and August are the hottest times to visit when temperatures consistently reach 33°C (92°F). If you prefer your weather balmy and pleasant, consider visiting Granada during spring or fall.

Granada Precipitation (rainfall)

You must bring an umbrella or waterproof jacket if you plan to travel between October and February. These months have the highest precipitation levels and the greatest chance of wet weather, with November traditionally the rainiest month.

Granada Sunshine Hours

Visitors can expect longer days from late March until late October, with daily sunshine hours highest between May and August.

Granada Humidity

Some areas of Spain and the rest of the world have high levels of humidity – those muggy days when there’s more water vapor lingering in the air. Fortunately, Granada is not one of them – it can be humid from June to early October, but at less than 10% humidity the weather is always bearable.

Weather and climate in Granada

If you’re looking for the best time to visit Granada and want to know what the weather will be like, my month-by-month guide below will give you an idea of what to do, where to visit, and the events available during your stay.

January in Granada

Snow storm with slush on sidewalks. Granada, Andalusia, Spain

January is a great time for visiting Granada’s top attraction, the Alhambra Palace. There are fewer queues, so that you can browse the majestic hilltop Moorish palace in relative peace. Visitors can also head for the snowy ski slopes of Sierra Nevada 40 minutes away. The weather may be cold with temperatures only reaching highs of 12°C (54°F) this month, so you’ll need to wrap up warm and bring an umbrella.

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February in Granada

February is still classed as the low season in the city. It’s a little warmer than the previous month with highs of 35°F (58°F), but chilly and windy, so you’ll need a jumper or jacket. A local event takes place on the first Sunday – a procession through the Arabic Quarter to the abbey of Sacromonte. It’s also a great time to go skiing, visit the Alhambra Palace, Granada Cathedral, and check out traditional hammams in the city after a day of exploring.

March in Granada

Patio de la Acequia, Fountain and gardens in Alhambra palace in Granada, Spain

March is a lovely time to visit Granada – spring is just around the corner, the blossoms are beginning to show on the trees and the city’s annual tapas festival begins mid-month! This is a fabulous time to wander the Albaicin (Old Arabic Quarter) cobbled streets, take in the cultural attractions, and sit outside with a cafe con leche in a city square. The weather is reaching mild territory with highs of 39°F (63°F), and you may be able to ditch the umbrella too, as the chance of rainfall is lower than in previous months.

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April in Granada

Depending on when Easter falls, April can be busy and hotel prices in Granada can skyrocket. Unless you’re visiting specifically for the Semana Santa celebrations, plan your stay before or after Easter to save money. In the middle of the month, during the Capitulations of Santa Fe, medieval markets pop up in the city with craft stalls and street food, and later in April the White Night of Culture takes place. This is an ideal time to visit local attractions as museums and shops stay open till midnight. The weather is a little warmer too, with 20°C (68°F) highs and increasing sunshine hours.

May in Granada

Garden and fountain in patio de la Acequia La Alhambra, Granada, Andalucia, Spain

May is the best time to visit Granada – the sun is shining, temperatures are warm and pleasant with highs of 24°C (76°F), there’s little humidity and the city is lively. Alhambra Palace and the Generalife Gardens should be high on your itinerary of things to see this month – book tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. You can browse shops at the Alcaiceria, seeking out colorful silk scarves, lamps, and ceramics, or even take a trip to the hillside Romany community of Sacromonte to listen to flamenco music in a cave house.

June in Granada

Combine your trip to the city in June with a drive to Las Alpujarras, the traditional white-washed villages nestled high in the mountains (🚗 Rent a Car in Granada With Discover Cars). These villages are famous for their arts, crafts, and stunning countryside hikes and views. Granada is warming up, with highs of 30°C (86°F). Follow the tapas trail on Calle Naves and get free food for every drink you order, or spend time delving into local history at the baroque Charterhouse or Corral de Carbón – a medieval merchant shelter. Alternatively, join in with celebrations at Feria del Corpus, one of the largest festivals on the city’s calendar.

July in Granada

July is hot in Granada, with highs reaching 33°C (92°F). Spend long sunny days in the great outdoors, walking by the river, sipping wine in a tree-lined plaza, or heading to local beauty spots to see the sun go down over the Alhambra Palace. At Mirador de San Nicolás, flamenco guitars are played by gypsies from the Sacromonte as locals sip drinks, sing and dance – a magical atmosphere with unmissable views.

August in Granada

August in Granada is also hot, but less than 10% humidity temperatures are bearable for tourists. Most local residents head for the beach on their own summer holidays, so this is a great time to explore Granada’s cultural attractions. Visit El Bañuelo – the old preserved Arabic baths or cool off while discovering the city’s museums. Dine alfresco with platters of Manchego cheese, Ibérico ham, and a glass of vino tinto (red wine), and venture inside the teahouses of the Albaicin, sampling mouth-watering pastries infused with honey and pistachio nuts.

September in Granada

September is marginally cooler than July and August (but still hot), with temperatures dipping slightly to 28°C (83°F). Many events occur this month in Granada, both in the Albaicin and the newer shopping district of the city. It’s a great time to explore Alhambra Palace and the Generalife Gardens, particularly later in the month when summer crowds begin to disperse. This is also a pleasant time to hike or cycle in the Sierra Nevada mountain range as the landscapes are lush and green with oak, cypress trees and olive groves.

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October in Granada

Granada’s weather is cool and pleasant in October – there’s a little rainfall but it’s quieter and cheaper as there are fewer tourists. This is a month for city shopping, trying out your Spanish language, taking a food or walking tour, or sitting in a bustling local bar feasting on churros dipped in hot chocolate sauce. You can take side trips to Málaga, Córdoba or Seville, or explore the city’s main cultural attractions, minus hordes of visitors. This month can be the best time to visit Granada, both from a cost and weather perspective. When I rent a car in Spain, I recommend and always use Discover Cars.

November in Granada

Walking in the autumn of Granada. The city of Spanish Andalusia in November.

This is the rainiest month in Granada with an average of five days of rain, but it’s also cheap for accommodation, so you can definitely Find Cheap Deals at It may be colder, but the tea rooms of the Albaicin are warm, and on darker evenings, the winding alleyways are akin to walking through an old souk in northern Africa. There’s something magical about seeing the Alhambra Palace illuminate under a star-filled sky, and if the rain comes, enjoy a refreshing hammam treatment, enjoy music at the annual Jazz festival (early November), or head to a local bar, double down with plates of tapas and a fine bottle of Rioja.

December in Granada

Gardens of La Alhambra in Granada, Spain

Granada begins to feel pretty festive by the time December rolls around. The city is illuminated with twinkling lights and buzzing with residents doing their Christmas shopping. The weather is cold 13°C (55°F) and can be wet some days, but the upsides are lots of celebrations, a great atmosphere, and the nearby ski resort of Sierra Nevada is also open!

Best Time to Visit Granada to Avoid Crowds

The best times to avoid crowds in Granada are March, May, early-mid June, mid-late September and October. These times are perfect for exploring the most popular attractions as tickets are easier to obtain – there are fewer queues, plus, the weather is warm and pleasant. You can visit in winter too, but due to a lack of accommodation in Sierra Nevada, many skiers tend to use the city as a base.

Best Time to Visit Granada: FAQs

I’ve assembled a Q&A to answer all your important questions about Granada’s climate, and when you can expect the sunniest days. Let this helpful guide assist you in making the most of your Granada experience.

🌇 How many days do you need in Granada?

I’d say spend 2-3 days in Granada to soak up the beauty and history. It’s perfect for exploring the Alhambra, wandering the Albaicín, and tasting tapas!

🤔 Should I spend more time in Granada or Seville?

Both are amazing, but I’d say spend a bit more time in Seville (3-4 days). It’s bigger with more to see and do, plus the flamenco scene is unbeatable!

🌞 What is the hottest month in Granada, Spain?

July and August are the hottest months in Granada, so prepare for temps around 33°C (92°F). Don’t forget your sunscreen and a fan to keep cool!

❄️ What is the coldest month in Granada, Spain?

January is usually the coldest month, with temps dropping to around 0°C (32°F). If you’re lucky, you can even go skiing in the nearby Sierra Nevada, so bundle up!

☔️ What are the rainiest months in Granada, Spain?

Granada can get pretty wet in November and December. I remember exploring the city with an umbrella, but it didn’t stop me from having a blast!

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