Las Arenas Beach in Valencia

Explore Las Arenas Beach in Valencia and what it offers! Learn about amenities, dining spots, fun things to do, our personal adventure, transportation options, nearby lodging choices, and additional beaches to explore nearby.

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Las Arenas is a beautiful Valencia beach known for 1,200 meters of fine golden sand. It sits between the Marina Juan Carlos I and Malvarrosa Beach. This location makes it perfect for tourists. You can swim, shop, and eat delicious paella valenciana at local restaurants.

I really enjoyed this area when I lived in Valencia. I think you will like it too! Here’s everything you need to know about Las Arenas Beach when you’re visiting the city. 

Las Arenas Beach: Facilities

Public playground at Playa de las Arenas beach in Valencia at d

Las Arenas Beach offers many facilities and amenities for your comfort. You can rent a parasol, lounger, or sunbed on a hot summer day. Each costs about 7 euros for the day. You can pay with cash or by card.

There’s a big stall on the beachfront for drinks and ice cream. It’s great for cooling off. Restaurants are just a five-minute walk from the beach. So you don’t have to go far when you’re hungry.

There are also vending machines for espresso. For cold water, you can go to Alé-Hop on the promenade. Other facilities include parking, toilets, and showers.

Las Arenas Beach: Restaurants and Bars

La Pepica Paella restaurant at Las Arenas Beach in Valencia

Restaurants and bars on Las Arenas Beach are some of the perfect places to experience high-quality Spanish cuisine. Here are my top recommendations to check out during your Valencian holiday:

  1. Restaurante Panorama: This restaurant offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and the marina. The service is friendly. You will find some of the best tapas in Valencia here. I suggest trying the croquettes and the paella valenciana. They are very tasty.
  2. El Camarote & The Roof: This is one of the best rooftop bars in Valencia. With a menu packed with Valencian seafood, rice dishes, pizzas, and burgers. It’s a great place to enjoy the view of the sea while chowing down on a delectable meal.
  3. La Pepica: I believe this spot has one of the best paella in Valencia. But if you want a chance to try it, make a reservation to avoid disappointment. I was actually lucky at La Pepica because I didn’t make a reservation, and thankfully, they had a wonderful table for two. However, this may not always be the case since this spot is very popular.
  4. La Terraza del Miramar Rooftop: This unique enclave has incredible views of the beach, with a vista that looks straight down into Playa del Cabanyal. La Terraza del Miramar also makes my list of the top rooftop bars in Valencia. Enjoy a tequila sunrise or an agua de Valencia and bask in the cool breeze.
  5. La Otra parte: Offering diverse tapas and wine menus, La Otra parte is one of the hippest taverns near Las Arenas. It’s packed with a funky vibe, colorful lamps, and even a terrace.

Las Arenas Beach: Things to Do

Las Arenas Beach Things to Do

Taking a swim in the water isn’t the only thing you can do in and around Las Arenas beach. Here are some other things you can do if you want to be more adventurous: 

1. Festivals in Valencia

Valencia has many street markets and festivals. They often happen near Las Arenas beach. This is a great place to visit when it’s hot and sunny. The best festival in Valencia to attend is San Juan on June 23rd.

San Juan is a lively celebration that happens on the summer solstice. It has strong ties to old traditions and stories. During the festival, people light bonfires on the beach. They dance and drink around these fires.

2. Jet Ski Tour

Jet skiing is an exciting way to explore the water and feel the rush of speed. You can glide across the water’s surface on a jet ski, feeling the wind and spray. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a fun and adrenaline-filled activity.

The Valencia Jet Ski Tour with Paddle Surf offers this amazing experience. It starts at the Valencian harbor, where you’ll meet the team. They will give you a quick lesson to make sure you’re comfortable with your jet ski. 

The instructor will adjust the ride to your level, whether it’s your first time or you’re already experienced. You can enjoy a smooth ride or experience the excitement of jumping over waves.

3. Active Fun

At Las Arenas Beach, there’s a lot to do for those who love being active. You can play beach volleyball or cycle along the promenade.

The beach stretches over 1,200 meters with golden sand, offering plenty of space for a volleyball game. If you choose to bike, the promenade gives you a wide view of the beautiful, crystal-blue sea.

This area is perfect for enjoying sports while taking in the scenic views. Whether you’re setting up a volleyball match or cycling, you’ll have a great time being active at Las Arenas Beach.

Our Experience at Las Arenas Beach

Our Experience at Las Arenas Beach

When we went to Valencia in October, we noticed that Las Arenas Beach was very busy. It attracts both locals and tourists. Even in October, the beach is sunny. It’s big, so you can easily find a spot to relax.

Restaurants near the beach get very crowded around Spanish meal times. It’s best to go to the beach early. After the sun sets, the beach area becomes lively with music, cocktails, and parties. The sea looks beautiful at night. If you enjoy parties and meeting new people, you’ll have a great time in the evening.

But Las Arenas Beach is not only for young, single people. Families will like it too. The sand is clean and great for building sandcastles. There’s also a big rope for climbing and a slide for kids. People of all ages can enjoy this place. It’s a top choice for a vacation in Valencia.

How to Get to Las Arenas Beach

Bicycles for rent on Playa de las Arenas beach in Valencia, Spain

Getting to Las Arenas Beach from Valencia’s center is simple and fast. You can take a train, which will get you there in 13 minutes for a cost of 1 to 5 euros.

Another option is the line 92 bus. This bus takes 19 minutes and costs 2 euros. If you prefer a more private ride, a taxi or Uber will cost about 10 to 13 euros each way.

Where to Stay Near Las Arenas Beach

Where to Stay Near Las Arenas Beach

You have many options if you want to stay near Las Arenas beach during your trip to Valencia. These options suit both budget and luxury travelers.

The Hotel Las Arenas Balneario Resort is a great choice for luxury seekers. It’s a 5-star hotel right by the beach. It offers 253 rooms and suites. These rooms come with special bathrooms. They have hydromassage cabins and baths. You’ll also find plasma TVs and WiFi. If you dream of a large terrace with views of the Mediterranean Sea, this hotel is for you.

For those on a budget, the POD suite hostel is perfect. It helps you save money. It also offers privacy in a dorm room setting. Plus, it’s close to Las Arenas beach. The hostel provides bed enclosures for each guest. This means you get a private, cozy space to unwind after a day of sightseeing.

So, whether you love luxury or need something more affordable, you’ll find a comfortable and peaceful place near Las Arenas Beach.

Other Beaches Near Las Arenas Beach

Beaches Near Las Arenas Beach

If you want to see more of Valencia’s crystal blue waters, other beaches near Las Arenas are worth visiting too. Here are my top picks:

Malvarrosa Beach: Malvarrosa Beach is a famous spot in Valencia with lots of fun activities. If you like scuba diving or snorkeling, check out Malvarrosa Reef. If you enjoy volleyball, you can rent a court at the town sports field. Like Las Arenas, Malvarrosa has restaurants and entertainment options along the promenade. It’s a great place to relax after a swim.

El Cabanyal Beach: Close to Marina de Valencia, El Cabanyal Beach is very popular. Since it’s the first beach from the harbor, it can get busy. Try to arrive early to find a good spot. The beach offers many amenities, such as umbrella and deck chair rentals. There are sports fields, children’s games, and a water channel for sports. For those who like to party, the Marina Beach Club is nearby.

Patacona Beach: For a quieter and cleaner beach, try Patacona. Just five minutes away, you can explore one of Valencia’s best-preserved areas of L’Horta. This area has farmland, orange groves, vineyards, and olive groves. It’s a nice break from the city and a chance to see where local food comes from.

Tips for a Memorable Las Arenas Beach Experience

Las Arenas Beach Experience

When planning a trip to Las Arenas Beach, choosing the right and worst time to visit Spain is important. The best time depends on what you want to do. If you love swimming, summer is great. But if you don’t like crowds, consider going in late spring.

On a sunny day, a walk at dusk is beautiful. Walking from Las Arenas to Malvarrosa Beach, you’ll see palm trees on your left, golden sand and mountains ahead, and blue water on your right.

If you’re in Valencia for work or living as a digital nomad, you can still enjoy the beach. I tried Vortex Playa, a coworking space in Valencia. It allowed me to work and then relax on the beach. Las Arenas is perfect for both work and fun.

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