Top 12 Cities in Spain for the Best Parties

If there’s something Spaniards know how to do, it’s partying. All over the peninsula and the islands, you’ll find all sorts of discotecas catering to different tastes. From reggaeton to techno to salsa, there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

Partying in Spain is an all-night event, so prepare to return home at 7 a.m. Unlike in other countries, Spaniards tend to start their night out with food, usually tapas. Then, followed by some drinks, and often not arriving at their final destination until around 2. a.m. So, don’t be alarmed if clubs are empty until then – trust me, they’ll pack out instantly.

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1. Barcelona

Crowd of people dancing at a festival in Barcelona

When you hear the words ‘party’ and ‘Spain,’ your brain probably jumps straight to visiting Barcelona – and for good reason. Barcelona’s renowned nightlife makes it one of the reasons why this city is one of the most visited in Spain.

At the city’s heart is the El Born barrio, where you’re spoilt for choice for trendy bars and stylish venues. Here, you find a lively atmosphere and bars offering great DJ sets, craft beers, and live music. It’s a great area to start your night as you ease yourself into the intensity that can be Spanish-style partying. 

You’ll find a slightly different vibe if you venture closer to the coast. Here, it’s all about beach clubs and partying the night away in open, outdoor spaces, with the smell of the sea breezing through the air. You can find some amazing techno sets, ranging from house to progressive. It’s here where you’ll find other tourists dressed to the nines, wanting to enjoy Barcelona to its fullest while they’re here. 

The city is also home to iconic clubs like Pacha Barcelona and Razzmatazz. These two venues are internationally renowned for hosting top-tier DJs and delivering unforgettable nights. If it’s an unforgettable experience you’re after, these are the places to go. But be sure to snag your tickets in advance because bigger events don’t usually sell tickets at the door and sell out fast. Wherever you end up, a night out in Barcelona rarely disappoints. 

2. Madrid

Madrid Teatro Kapital nightlife

Madrid, the capital of Spain, also has a roaring nightlife, which underscores that Madrid is worth a visit. To pace yourself right, kickstart your night with some tapas and cervezas, on Calla Cava Baja. This famous street located in La Latina is filled to the brim with traditional tavernas and cocktail bars. Another area great for lining your stomach is Malasaña, the hipster barrio of the city. Plenty of trendy bars here are fusing together drinking and art.

If you want to incorporate live music into your night, Café Berlin is the place to be. In the evening, this venue hosts all sorts of musicians, including some of the best flamenco shows in Madrid. Past midnight, watch the space transform into a techno rave. You can usually stay in for free using your tickets for the live music event. 

Another great club is Club Malasaña – I actually went to the opening night of the club a few years back, and it was one of the best nights out I’ve ever had in Madrid. This club’s decadent decor will make you feel like royalty as you party to some of the city’s best techno. Drinks are pricey, but certainly worth it for an all-round incredible experience. 

Teatro Kapital has something to offer everyone, especially if you’re a fan of reggaeton. While reggaeton isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, this club certainly offers a night of fun dancing to some classics. Here, you’ll find locals, Erasmus students, tourists, and everyone else in between. Expect to dance non-stop and prepare to put your flirting skills to the test.

Can’t decide between Madrid and Barcelona? Read our article to decide your next destination! 

3. Ibiza

Ibiza happy hour time on the beach

One of the most famous party destinations in Europe is located in Spain. It’s the one and only Ibiza that offers more renowned parties than any other island. In the sixties, this island was part of the global Hippie Trail and has since transformed into a haven for party-goers. Its most famous clubs include Pacha, Amnesia, and Space, where world-class DJs such as Carl Cox and David Guetta constantly frequent. 

Alongside these world-class super clubs, you’re also spoilt for beach party choices. You can dance the night away with your feet in the sand, under the moonlight, and the sound of waves accompanying your music. Beach clubs such as Benirràs Beach and Bora Bora Beach Club host full-moon parties throughout the high season.

The busiest months on this party island are July and August; however, the season runs from May until September. I went to Ibiza once in September as the season was winding down, and it was still an incredible experience. 

4. Valencia

Valencia streetlife at night

Next, let’s head to the coast of Valencia. For an unforgettable experience, kickstart your night at the best rooftop bars in Valencia for sunset. I recommend Ateneo Sky Bar, which is located at the top of the Ateneo Mercantil building. With panoramic views of Valencia’s skyline, sip on a delicious cocktail, soaking in the chic atmosphere.

For a fun night out, head over to the El Carmen barrio. Amidst these cobbled streets and medieval architecture, you’ll find a mix of fiestas, bars, and live music. Here, you’ll find the perfect blend of locals and tourists, all soaking up the barrio’s incredible atmosphere. 

If you’re after cocktail bars and glamour, barrios Ruzafa and Canovas offer both to their cosmopolitan crowd. Valencia’s most famous clubs include Mya and Akuarela Beach Club. These both boast a blend of international DJs and a lively atmosphere, guaranteed to give you the fiesta you’re after. 

5. Palma de Mallorca

Summer concert in Palma de Mallorca

Ibiza isn’t the only Balearic Island where you’ll find a good party. The capital of Mallorca, Palma de Mallorca, is also a pulsating hub of fiestas. Party-goers from around the world gather for renowned venues like BCM Mallorca and Tito’s Mallorca. Both of these super-clubs host international DJs from around the world. 

And of course, if it’s beach clubs you want, some of the best in Spain are found here in Palma. Places like Nassau Beach Club and Purobeach Palma allow you to party next to the Mediterranean Sea from sunset to sunrise.

Palma de Mallorca’s dynamic and diverse nightlife has a little something for everything. Whether you’re soaking up live music in the historical center or sipping cocktails by the sea, you’ll be bound to enjoy it. And no matter where you stay in Mallorca, Palma is accessible via taxis and buses. 

6. Tenerife

Promenade at the Playa de las Americas on tenerife at night

Number 6 on our list takes us from Spain’s Balearic Islands to the Canaries’ largest island, Tenerife. This magical island offers both sunshine and a good night out – just some of the many reasons to visit Tenerife.

The south of the island is where tourists tend to stay. Playa de las Américas and Los Cristianos are the main places for a night out. However, I would avoid Las Américas and stick to Los Cristianos. Here, you’ll find a more local vibe to kickstart your night in a bar or restaurant.

Just off Playa de las Vistas is a complex called San Telmo that offers a range of music. For reggaeton, head to Casablanca, techno is Los Amigos, and for salsa and Bachata lovers, TK2 is the place for you. 

If you’re after a surfy vibe, amidst the chaos of Las Américas is the street Calle México. There, you’ll find all sorts of cool surf bars. My personal favorite is Ego Galleria, which is both an art gallery and bar that hosts live music on Friday and Saturday nights. El Médano on the east is another surf spot with a cool ambiance to match. You could also head to Puerto de la Cruz in the north, which has a smaller, more intimate nightlife. 

7. Cádiz

Night view of a fountain situated on the square of saint john  in Cadiz

Cádiz isn’t just a surfer’s paradise. It also offers a good fiesta in the evenings. Its laid-back vibe translates to its party scene, and you can find plenty of cool bars and live music.

Cádiz transforms its beaches into lively party venues in the summer, hosting some of Spain’s best beach parties. These parties perfectly combine the town’s surfy vibe with Andalusian charm, offering a slightly different fiesta scene than other Spanish cities.

If you’re looking for water activities during the day followed by a chill yet lively atmosphere at night, Cádiz is the place for you. 

8. Málaga

Great festival party at Malaga in Andalusia

Heading to the south, number 8 on our list, takes us to Málaga. Andalusians are renowned for their high spirits and expression, making a night out in this city an unforgettable affair.

Don’t be surprised if you see groups bursting out into claps and feet-stomping in bars and clubs. This cultural, cosmopolitan beach city transforms when the sun goes down into an urban party center, especially in the warmer months, with the weather in Malaga adding to the festive vibe. 

Kickstart your night with some tapas. La Tranca in the center offers local food and an atmosphere to match. Beware, it gets packed, so be prepared to queue. For food and live music, La Fabrica in Soho is another good option for pres. And to really get the party started, shot bar Alquima offers €1 shots before midnight. 

When it comes to clubs, you have all sorts of options scattered across the city. The most famous (and largest) is called Liceo. There are three rooms, and they play a combination of reggaeton and pop-tech. If it’s full-on techno you’re after, The Club is for you.

For something a little different, you could also check out a rock bar – the city is full of them. Bars such as RockinRoll Musica Bar and Rocking Beatas offer a cool atmosphere and live music. For all you Salsa and Bachata lovers, Muevete is the place to be. However, it’s a little far out so you’ll have to get a taxi. 

9. Seville

Seville view from Metropol Parasol. Setas de Sevilla best view of the city of Seville

Seville, one of Spain’s most famous cities and the heart of Andalucia, is next on our list. Andalucia, the home of flamenco, means you can find plenty of incredible shows throughout the city.

What better way to start your night than watching flamenco dancers sing and twirl on stage? Some of the most passionate performances occur in intimate venues like Tablao El Arenal. Grab your tickets in advance and ease yourself into your night on the razzle in Seville. 

Once your show is finished, the barrios to be are Triana and Alameda. Here, trendy bars and modern nightclubs come alive, drawing in locals and tourists alike. Alameda offers all kinds of music, from reggaeton to techno. Meanwhile, Triana, known for its historic charm, blends the modern and old perfectly.

To discover how many days in Seville it takes to really soak up the city’s incredible charm, I’d dedicate at least four days to spend there. 

10. Marbella

Close up of a DJ playing music on the outdoor party in Marbella, Spain

Next, let’s head to one of Spain’s more luxurious towns – the one and only Marbella. Located along the Costa del Sol, you’ll find some of Spain’s most extravagant clubs, like Olivia Valere and Pangea. Due to these renowned clubs, Marbella attracts celebrities and those with a finer taste from all over Europe.

You’ll also find iconic and chic beach parties in the one and only Nikki Beach Club. Here, you can dance the night away in a sophisticated atmosphere with a backdrop of the Mediterranean coast.

Marbella is the place for you if you want glamour, extravagance, and the whole VIP experience. If not, it’s probably best to stick to Malaga, which isn’t much further along the coast. 

For more information on the charms of Marbella and Malaga, check out our other article.

11. Sanxenxo

Silgar beach at night in Sanxenxo tourist village of Galicia, Spain

Sanxenxo, along the Galician coastline, comes alive in the summer with a vibrant nightlife. Along the coasts, you’ll find all sorts of lively beach bars open from midday through the night.

Sunset, in particular, is a spectacular event in Sanxenxo, which you can catch from one of the many beach bars on offer. Once the night is in full swing, nightclubs like Discoteca Moon and Le Club take center stage. Here, expect to see a mix of tourists and locals alike, unified to dance the night away.

12. Gran Canaria

Happy cheerful crowd having fun on the soap foam disco party on the sandy sea beach of Gran Canaria, Spain

Like Tenerife, Gran Canaria has a few hot spots for nightlife. In the south, Playa del Inglés offers a vibrant nightlife focusing on inclusivity. The island welcomes all with open arms and has a thriving LGBT-friendly scene.

In Playa del Inglés, iconic venues like Yumbo Center host a range of drag nights. As Spain has a legal drinking age of 18, visitors can partake in Gran Canaria’s inclusive nightlife when reaching this age.

For a more local vibe, head up to the capital Las Palmas. Here, you’ll also find drag nights and plenty of LGBT- friendly bars alongside a more Spanish feel. With a strong Latino community, the city is also filled with plenty of bars where you can dance salsa, bachata, and kizomba. 

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