10 Must-Visit Mallorca Towns


Discover the best of Mallorca towns, from Deia’s art to Soller’s beaches. Enjoy great food, find cozy places to stay, and see beautiful sights. Each town has its own special story to tell.

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It’s hard to describe in words the beauty of Mallorca, one of Spain’s Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. A popular travel destination and an island filled with small, charming towns, Mallorca is an area in Spain not to miss.

Mallorca has great weather year-round, although many local businesses are closed in the slower season of late fall and winter. Be sure to consider the best time to visit Mallorca before planning a trip.

All seasons are lovely to visit Mallorca, but due to excessive rain and cooler water temperatures, visiting these towns is an even better choice in summer, spring, and early fall. Regardless of when you plan a visit, do not miss these lovely small towns in Mallorca, showcasing the best the island offers.

1. Deià: Beautiful Hillside Town

Charming small villages in Mallorca, like Deià, a small coastal town on the island’s northwest coast, are a great choice to visit when on the island. The town boasts a laid-back vibe, with roaming hills and cobblestone streets. It also is the home to a UNESCO World Heritage site, Serra de Tramuntana, which tourists and locals frequently visit.

The region’s beauty has inspired many notable artists, with Deià being a town focused on art and culture. The blissful surroundings and incredible mountainous views make Deia a number-one choice in Mallorca for many visitors.

When visiting, consider a Tramuntana Panorama Tour of Deia and other nearby towns, which is a great way to see the highlights of the region. One of the prettiest towns on the island of Mallorca, visitors will fall in love with the colors of Deià, from the bright green shutters and honey-colored houses. 

To truly experience the town, trying local restaurants, especially locally-owned gems is important. One of the most recommended eateries in Deià is Béns d’Avall Restaurant, located on a cliff overlooking the west coastline of Mallorca. Lamb, prawns, and locally sourced produce are recommended items to try at Bens D’Avall.

Another highlighted restaurant in Deia is Tramuntana Grill, where locals recommend dishes like charcoal-grilled swordfish and grilled watermelon. Regardless of where you choose to dine in Deià, be sure to make reservations for outside seating to enjoy both the cuisine and the views.

With the town of Deia located only three kilometers away from the beach, visitors will love its location and coastal ambiance. Nearby, Cala Deià is one of the best snorkeling beaches in Mallorca.

Quaint hotels make up the town of Deià, with Hostal Villa Verde being a simple choice with hillside views and cobblestone buildings. If you’re looking for luxury, Belmond La Residencia is a high-end choice in Deià, located in a prime, sun-facing location of the coastal town.

2. Valldemossa: Cultural Retreat

If you’re looking for culture, look no further than Valldemossa, a small town about 15 minutes from busy Palma de Mallorca. Located in the Tramuntana mountains, this small town feels like a world away from the capital city of Mallorca. Home to Costa Nord, a contemporary cultural center and beautiful villa overlooking some of the prettiest parts of the island.

Valldemossa is also the birthplace of the island’s only saint, Santa Catalina Thomas. You can also visit a monastery there, Real Cartuja, which has a church, cloisters, and a historic pharmacy. All these historic places have the background of jaw-dropping mountain vistas, some offering 4-hour, expert-level hikes. Whether exploring the history or enjoying the great outdoors of Valldemossa, guests leave enthralled with this gem of a town in Mallorca.

When considering a tour, the Palma and Valldemosssa: Half-Day Tour from Palma is a great starting point. Ideal for small groups, this tour will help visitors see some of Mallorca’s best sites in one day. The differences between town and city will enthrall guests by touring the small town of Valldemossa and getting exposure to the big city of Palma.

One of the best ways to experience Valldemossa is to dine through the town, considering some of the best eateries there. One of the most recommended restaurants is Es Taller, tucked away in a former mechanics garage. This popular restaurant can’t be missed with a diverse selection of international foods from Iberica pork to pad Thai.

Another great option is QuitaPenas, a 100-year-old bodega in Mallorca. This restaurant is also a must-visit to experience one of the best places for local cheeses, figs, or Spanish meats.

Mallorcan cuisine is great, and so are the local, cozy accommodations there for a visit. Some of the hotels there, Hotel Sa Vall Valldemossa and Son Niu Vell – La Hermossa are laid-back options but also give an authentic Mallorcan vibe.

3. Sóller: Where Mountains Meet Sea

Soller is a small town in Mallorca that exhibits the beautiful and unique geography that makes up the island. This small Mallorcan town is where the mountains meet the sea, and the island’s true beauty can enthrall visitors. 

Situated on the northwest coast of Mallorca, Sóller is right in the middle of the Serra de Tramuntana, with vibrant orange trees and narrow cobblestone streets. It is near many other great small towns of Mallorca, including l’Horta and Biniaraix, located at the foot of the same mountain range.

One of the most unique aspects of quaint Soller is its charming tram, a historic train ride from Sóller to Port de Sóllerdei. This tram ride is one of the best things to do in Mallorca, tying in tourism and history on the island.

One of the best tours to experience the island of Mallorca is a Sightseeing Tour with a Boat Ride and Vintage Train Ride. On this day tour, guests can enjoy Mallorca’s natural beauty alongside the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site of Serra de Tramuntana.

You can also experience Son Reus on this train ride, learning more about the island’s rich history. Visiting the breathtaking coastline of Mallorca is an experience that visitors will never forget!

Some of the very best seafood on the island can be found on Soller, with KingFisher Restaurant and Restaurante Es Port being two of the best. Enjoy the local specialties of seafood pasta, fish soup, seafood croquettes, and other Mediterranean dishes.

While there, choose overnight accommodations that are sure to please. If you’re looking to indulge in a stay filled with luxury, consider choosing Gran Hotel Soller. Another great hotel option in Soller is Hotel Can Roses, a chic hotel with beautiful views of the mountains.

4. Fornalutx: Cute Mountain Village

View the picturesque Spanish-style village Fornalutx, Majorca

Mallorca is an island full of cute mountain villages, like the ones in iconic paintings of Spain. It is hard to put the beauty of Fornalutx into words. If you enjoy festivals, consider visiting this small town in September as the locals and guests enjoy a party on the streets.

This picturesque mountain village has cobblestone streets, soft colors, and terraced hillsides, providing a dreamy Spanish background. Located near the town of Sóller, you can walk to Fornalutx on the many paths provided, with easy access from town to town.

Often referred to as the prettiest village in Spain, this less-known town has remarkable beauty and is a favorite amongst anyone who visits it. With a history of over 1,000 years, this originally-Arab farmstead is now a more heavily populated town with growing commerce.

Walk up and down the tiny alleys of Fornalutx or cycle through the olive trees. This small town is also a popular choice for hiking, with a wide variety of trails. Due to the well-kept infrastructure of asphalt roads, guests will find it super easy to jump on bikes or put on their walking shoes there.

Mallorca cycling is a popular sport there for both beginners and experts. For more extreme adventurists, there are many winding roads and descending mountain tops in the nearby Tramuntana mountains.

For those seeking accommodation in Mallorca, consider a rustic hotel equipped with a pool, ideal for summer. This charming establishment, known as Hotel Apartament Sa Tanqueta De Fornalutx, offers a delightful stay.

For some of the best local Mediterranean cuisine, consider Restaurant Cafe Med, a simple yet flavorful eatery with outdoor seating.

5. Pollensa: History and Nature

There are so many gems in northern Mallorca, including Pollensa, an ancient town with narrow streets and a beautiful main square. Artists, writers, and other notable locals discovered this area through the centuries and decided to call it home.

Due to these artists’ impacts on the region, the area is a mixture of Roman and Moorish influences, giving it a distinct look and feel. With an impressive history beginning with Romans and more recently having Arab influences, fabrics, bright-colored patterns, and unique drawings can be found in this region of Mallorca, which is different from other areas.

Places of interest in the town include the Roman bridge and a small monastery on top of the mountain called Puig de Pollensa. The plaza mayor in this town, full of unique cultural significance, reflects centuries of takeovers by different cultures, making it an interesting place for visitors to see. 

Pollensa is a great location to try local foods, including bakeries and sweet treats. Although it is in Spain, Portofino is one of the most authentic Italian restaurants, whisking locals away to what feels like Italy through each bite. For more authentic Mallorcan flavors, consider La Lllonja, a higher-end seafood establishment with some of the island’s freshest fish dishes.

6. Port de Sóller: Seaside Gem

Port de Soller, Mallorca island, Spain

It doesn’t get more remote than Port de Sóller, a town in Mallorca in the set-aside northwest area of the island. This large bay has scenic surroundings and some beautiful sea views. As an old fishing harbor, this marina is a great location to eat fresh seafood.

If you are into yachting or sailing, Port de Sóller is the best coastal town for you! This seaside gem has great Mallorca boat rentals and is a great location to spend the day at sea. The beaches here are famous due to Turkish and Algerian pirates landing there in the 1500s; an event still reenacted today through a festival called Es Firo. Some of the best beaches in north Mallorca are located here, making it an area not to miss on the island. 

The bay, beach, and harbor aren’t the only gems in Port de Sóller. There are some incredible seafront hotels in this small town, too. Hotel Esplendido gives great beach access, has a pool, and offers some of the best views of the islands from its rooms.

Besides cozy accommodations, a boating trip is another great option for activities in Port de Sóller. With many charter and sailing options run by local companies daily, consider seeing the port both from land and sea. After a day at sea, enjoy some seafood that was freshly caught and prepared at the local Brisas del Mar restaurant, a gem in Mallorca.

7. Alcúdia: Walk Through History

Historical city of Alcudia, Mallorca

When thinking of the best beaches in east Mallorca, it’s hard not to think of the northern town of Alcúdia. This small town is filled with medieval walls and lots of historic charm, but it’s hard to forget its main feature: its beautiful beach. Known for its clear and brightly-colored blue Mediterranean beaches, the town is encircled by restored medieval walls delighting both history buffs and beach lovers.

Located on a peninsula that separates the bays of Pollensa and Alcúdia, this beautiful medieval center sees guests year-round and is busy with tourists looking to take in the beautiful local sites. Handcrafted items sold in shops, styling cafes, and inviting restaurants fill the streets of Alcúdia. The medieval houses in the town, known as Casas Señoriales, are magical and invite guests to take photos and capture their beauty. 

When visiting, consider exploring the Roman ruins along with the local markets. Locals head to the open-air market every Tuesday and Saturday, where locally produced produce, shoes, handbags, and other handmade items are sold. This perfectly-planned city is a mixture of old and new, and every scene there resembles that of a postcard.

One of the best ways to enjoy the town of Alcúdia is to choose a local boutique hotel to stay in the old town. Forum Boutique Hotel is one of the most stylish and best-located hotels, a restored home full of so much Mallorcan character. Another great option is Bordoy Mostatxins, a renovated option right in the middle of the old town.

8. Capdepera: Old Castle Town

If you’re into medieval architecture and want to visit a castle while in Mallorca, consider Capdepera, coined as the Old Castle Town of the island. Located close to the small town of Arta, the name of this translates to mean Headland of Stone, a town built around a large castle.

One of Mallorca’s most-visited sites, Capdepera’s castle was built in the early 14th century as a fortress. Other historic infrastructures are housed there, too, such as a lighthouse and caves. Horseback riding is a great, laid-back way to explore Capdepera, with a magical beach sunset ride on horseback. Of course, renting a car in Mallorca is also a great way to get around.

Some of the best local eateries in Capdepera are fine dining, including some Michelin restaurants. Can Simoneta is a high-end, luxury dining experience with plates boasting combined flavors of Mexico and Spain. Not only is this a special occasion restaurant that is worth choosing, but it also has some of the most incredible views from the cliffs of the island. 

9. Santanyí: Art and Food

Pontas, Santanyi, Mallorca

Santanyí is my personal favorite area of Mallorca, with its artistic community and vibrant markets. Located in the southeast area of the island, this town is rural and very authentically Mallorcan. Guests will fall in love with the town’s golden-stone buildings, with stunning natural surroundings.

The home of many international artists, Santanyí has lots of galleries and workshops in the alleys of this quiet town. If you have a passion for culture, art, or food, this town should be one of your top choices to visit. On Wednesday and Saturday mornings, colorful markets line the streets, and local artisans display their items for sale. Santanyí is also a great town in Mallorca to choose a local cafe to enjoy coffee or a pastry with friends. 

Santanyí offers excellent dining options like Cal Reiet’s Table, known for its superb wine and vegetarian cuisine, and East 26 Restaurant, which beautifully blends Mediterranean and Asian flavors. With its unique and tasty food, Santanyí is perfect for al fresco dining on warm nights. Located near South Mallorca’s best beaches, this quaint town pairs delicious meals with stunning sea views.

Consider a quiet holistic retreat focused on health and wellbeing at Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat when looking for accommodation options near Santanyí.

10. Artà: Quiet and Beautiful

If you’re searching for peace and quiet while in Mallorca, look no further than the small town of Artà. With its serene countryside and historic sites, visitors will experience a gem in the northeast area of the island. Sitting in the middle of a large valley, this not-so-touristy town has managed to keep the magic of its authenticity, attracting locals beyond just visitors to spend time there.

Some of the most historic features of Mallorca are located in Artà, such as the fortified Santuari de Sant Salvador, a sanctuary constructed back in the 14th century. Other Baroque-style convents and infrastructures welcome guests from around the world, especially those seeking simplicity. 

Artà is also a great place to take a nature walk or for adventure seekers looking to embark on a steep hike. The nature walks there have less steeper peaks and are ideal for younger children, the elderly, and those looking to enjoy time outside without strenuous exercise. Artà is also a great place to experience an artisan workshop in painting, sculpture, and other artistic talents.

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